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The NAHS Art Sale, Starting the Holidays Right

JOEL MATHEW, Contributing Writer

NBTHS prides itself on community and the school spirit it portrays, showcasing numerous ways for students to immerse themselves in diverse and interactive ways with the community. One of these ways is the school's clubs that let students let their creativity, passion, and culture be free to cultivate and produce wondrous outcomes. One example of this would be the school's National Art Honors Society (NAHS), a club that lets students express themselves through art and be able to showcase their talents with the school and the community. Recently, with the upcoming holidays, NAHS had their art sale in the Commons to help start the winter season.

Photo Courtesy of Joel Mathew - Vice President Ila Ranade and Member Ria Patel helping out during the Art Sale

The different items included Christmas ornaments, jewelry, origami, beaded bracelets, and other art pieces which all vary in price. Although typically one would find these items very expensive, everything is quite cheap and still has the same quality and functionality. The most expensive items would be the jewelry at 10 dollars, while everything else would vary around 1-3 dollars typically.

Something to check out if you are looking for something as a non-expensive but quality gift for loved ones during the holidays or just want some memorabilia/ornaments for you, your friends, and/or your family. Ila Ranade (Senior), Vice President of NAHS, states, “We think it’s really important to show love for your friends, family, and loved ones during this time of year, and participating in the NAHS sale would be a perfect way to show your appreciation while also supporting our school talented artists.” Be sure to check out the art sale next year if they hold it for a chance to gain some memorable gifts/art.


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