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Princess Boachie: Senior Speaker

Princess Boachie was selected to represent the Class of 2020 as Senior Speaker at the Graduation Ceremony this year. The Banner took some time to catch up with her and ask her to reflect upon her high school years.

  1. What advice would you give to younger students?

  2. "Make a relationship with your teachers. Teachers can be extremely helpful in your high school career, whether it’s writing recommendation letters or giving extra help after school. Being a good student and having that close connection with your teachers can be beneficial in the long run."

  3. If you could give one piece of advice or knowledge to yourself as a freshmen, what would it be?

  4. "[I would tell myself] to not be afraid to be in a leadership position or in the spotlight once in a while. There are going to be memories and moments that you are going to experience when you are in those positions; you will never forget those."

Who inspired/encouraged/guided you throughout your journey at NBTHS?

"I would say Mr. Ojeda. He has been my AVID teacher for four years and has been there since the beginning of my high school career. From his crazy stories [about] his past to his positive words, he always puts a smile on my face. We have experienced so many jokes and fun times in the classroom; I’m really privileged to have known him for all of these years."

What are your goals during and after college?

"During college [I want] to have the best grades possible, like A’s and B’s. I want to be comfortable spiritually and mentally with myself so I can have inner peace. I want to grow into a mature adult and be stable in my life. After college [I want] to have a good paying job and actually enjoy going to it. [I hope that] it will help start off my career in business/finance."

What college are you planning to attend and what will be your major?

"I’m planning to go to Middlesex County College; my major will be Business Administration."

What inspired you to want this honor (Senior Speaker) in your school?

"Since I was little, I literally had a dream that I was saying a speech at my graduation. So I can’t believe that I’m actually going to do it! Speaking to a big crowd is not easy for me to do, so [giving this speech] is breaking a major fear I want to overcome; [I can now] show myself that I can do it."

Do you regret NOT doing anything in life so far?

"I probably regret not being in clubs that much Freshman year. I was trying to focus on my grades, which it turned out great. But, maybe if I was more involved in the beginning, I could have met more people or had new experiences."

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"[I see myself] becoming a boss or CEO of a business or financial company, being financially stable, and living a great life. [I want to] have a husband and children, and be doing the best that I can with them. Overall, following the purpose that God has for me and fulfilling it."

What was your favorite memory of your time at NBTHS?

"Winning Homecoming Princess in my junior year. It was ironic, since my name is Princess, but it was a great experience. It was also the best Homecoming I went to compared to all the years I went, and I had the best time."

What struggles did you have getting to where you are in life now?

"With not being born in America and my family being from Ghana, English was not my first language. I did have to go to ESL classes to try to learn English and how to read and write. That has always been an insecurity of mine, but now I’m starting to feel more confident in it. English class was always the subject I liked the least, because I felt that I couldn’t write well or read the hardest books. Now I just try my best; I’m getting good feedback and grades in my English classes, so that makes me feel better and I can see my growth."

Princess Boachie '20

Senior Class Speaker


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