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NBYA, Youth of North Brunswick's Future

JOEL MATHEW, Contributing Writer

The North Brunswick youth are the greatest part of the community, be it reflecting the past, representing the present, or helping the future. Even with their own time and money, they work hard to strive for a better community, helping support anyone they can. In NBTHS, the North Brunswick Youth Alliance (NBYA) strives to do just that.

Photo Courtesy of: Nishi Patel Members of NBYA raising awareness of the club during Clubfest

NBYA is a school club/organization under the North Brunswick Youth Municipal Alliance. The club’s goal is to provide fun experiences for the youth in the community and provide ample opportunities to help out in North Brunswick however they can, from fundraisers, festive events, food drives, and other things. Krish Parekh (Junior), Media Coordinator, states, “It’s extremely fun, you get to volunteer with your friends and get a lot of chances to network.”

Photo Courtesy of: Nishi Patel NBYA during 2021 NB Santa Trail event

The club also works with other clubs to help with their events and projects for other organizations. Arnav Mohanty (Junior), member of the board and Communications Outreach Coordinator, states, “Currently, we are working with PUSH for an Anti-Bullying campaign and are working in association with other organizations for future projects.” Another example would be ENGin, a non-profit organization that wishes to provide English tutors for Ukrainian refugees.

One of the events that the club hosts includes the yearly Holi festival they hold for the North Brunswick Community, which Yash Choudhari (Junior), a member of the board and the NBTHS Representative, proclaims is “a nice opportunity for the North Brunswick community to come out to enjoy the culture as well as make friends while having a fun time.” Choudhari believes the club is a “place of opportunity and diversity.” He hopes for the best of the future and wants others to reach out and join, stating, “You are going to learn a lot more, make friends, and just help the community out in general.”

Photo Courtesy of: Nishi Patel NBYA and Attendees celebrating and having fun at 2023 NBYA Holi Festival

Anyone can join NBYA if they wish. Haziq Khawaja (Junior), a member of NBYA, believes that the club would be a great opportunity for people to help the community, not only by providing resources but the ability to grow in their way and at their own pace. Khawaja states, “If you want to help your community and shape it into something you want to see for your future then definitely join. You will learn a lot and get to meet new people too.”

Photo Courtesy of: Nishi Patel NBYA Leadership Team at 2023 NBYA Holi Festival
Photo Courtesy of: Nishi Patel NBYA at 2021 NB Tree Lighting Ceremony

Overall, NBYA is a wonderful club that is taking strides towards a brighter future for North Brunswick Township, not only providing an example for the youth to follow but also providing them the path to grow and become a part of the community, without any discrimination of any sort. To close this article Nishi Patel (Junior), President of NBYA and member of the Board, would like to have a word of advice for the youth and states, “Treat people with kindness and don’t disrespect people if you don’t know anything about them.”


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