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Hall of Fame Recipient: Kirsten Suto Seckler, Class of 1991

By SNEHA BURLE, Staff Writer

October 4, 2019

On Friday, October 4, 2019, North Brunswick Township welcomed the three recipients receiving the Hall of Fame award. They were honored for their tremendous efforts in improving their community and posing as an inspiration to us while upholding the true spirit of a Raider. However, one recipient, Kirsten Suto Seckler, shined through with her efforts to give back and help everyone ever since she graduated NBTHS in 1991.

Ever since Seckler graduated from high school in 1991, she has risen to become a model of hope and inspiration for those who look upon her. Throughout many years of hard work and determination, Kirsten Suto Seckler is now an advocate for reversing addictions, the Special Olympics, and giving back to her community. However, the road to Seckler’s success has been a long road of obstacles and many paths.

High school has many ups and downs for students. That was not any different for Seckler’s time there, as she had faced a devastating obstacle in her way to where she is today. During her freshman year of high school, around late December, Kirsten Secklers’s mother had passed away, age 43, during Christmas Eve. An exceedingly calamitous misfortune, Seckler was faced with grief and hardship. Beforehand, Seckler’s mother had made a wish, saying that she wished to do more in life and make it worthwhile. She wanted to do something with her life. Remembering her mother’s quote after the tragedy of her death, Seckler became motivated. She had wanted to do something with her life. She was not going to let obstacles stop her in the way of what she wanted to do.

After Kirsten Suto Seckler graduated from the University of Delaware in 1995, she did not immediately get herself in a high position. Surprisingly, Seckler started as a Hot Dogger! Notably, Seckler was working for the Oscar Mayer hot dog company, advertising Oscar Mayer’s hot dogs and sausages. She would go to parties promoting the sausage brand, and drive in the special Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile.

Moreover, that may be how her career path began after college. However, during high school, Kirsten Suto Seckler was involved in clubs and learned very important life lessons during those days. As a high school student, Seckler was involved in the NBTHS Banner, working as a staff writer. She also pursued alchemy, joining the NBTHS Alchemist club. Seckler loved to act, and during her performances, she would get constructive criticism. She would also receive notes for her performances. Throughout these lessons, Seckler would learn to better improve herself through learning and growing as an alchemist. As said by Kirsten Suto Seckler, “Take the note, but don’t let the note take you” (NBTHS Hall of Fame assembly, 2019).

Additionally, after Seckler was finished working for the Oscar Mayer corporation, she worked in marketing and communications. She was on the path to becoming an advocate for reversing addiction. Seckler had studied journalism during college. After that, she worked in communications and marketing. Subsequently, Seckler had become vice president of Branding Communications. Later, Seckler shifted to Chief Brand Officer.

Withal, Kirsten Suto Seckler started to advocate and host the Special Olympics. Seckler worked in the Special Olympics for 21 years. The Special Olympics is a sports organization for athletes with intellectual and physical disabilities. The association provides awareness about disability and including them in the glory and recognition of the Olympics and athletics. Seckler has actually noted this as one of the biggest accomplishments of her career, saying that she was proud of growing the Special Olympics and even getting ESPN to broadcast the event.

Alongside the Special Olympics, Seckler also is reversing addiction. She is now the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Shatter Proof, an organization dedicated to stopping addiction.

As Kirsten Suto Seckler was able to create an amazing career, she also has motivation and ambition. Seckler’s motivation for what she does is knowing that everyone can make a difference to the world. Everyone can try, and everyone can help. Conjointly, Kirsten Suto Seckler also gave a piece of advice to those who wish to help. She says to follow your passion, and do what makes you happy. Focus on what you want in life, and you will succeed.

Overall, Kirsten Suto Seckler has built an amazing career for herself and continues to grow and model as an inspiration to others. She has used her platform to bring change to the community, spread awareness, and make differences. As she has said, “Build bridges, do not burn them”. As Seckler faced obstacles, she has grown and worked hard to become a successful advocate. As Seckler notably stated, “You can either be defined by the bad, or you can stare it down and not be burned alive.” That is a quote that we can all live by.

Kirsten Suto Seckler, thank you for inspiring others and helping, and thank you, for using your platform to give back to your community. You deserve the Hall of Fame recognition, and you truly live the Raider spirit. Congratulations, Kirsten Suto Seckler.


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