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Graduation Speech: Zaria Dennis

Esteemed guests, faculty, parents, and fellow graduate students, thirteen years ago, we bravely embarked on our academic journey. Today, as we gather in our caps and gowns, we stand at a crossroad between the past and the present, ready to move forward. Looking ahead, we must honor our past. This year, North Brunswick High School celebrates its 50th Anniversary, a significant milestone in our history.

Our school journey from parents’ protests for students to transfer to a thriving institution that celebrates annual graduations, shows the resilience and evolution of our community. It is crucial to recognize the remarkable individuals who have contributed to its history. Each one of us has played a unique role in shaping the school’s legacy, as our journey is a testament to the dedication and perseverance of past generations who established the foundation for our school.

Therefore, let us not overlook the countless individuals who walked these halls before us; the teachers who have awakened our passion for learning, administrators who help guide students’ paths, and students who have filled the hallways with friendships and academic success. May the past of those before us fuel our journey of discovery, growth, and contribution to the world.

Before I conclude, I express heartfelt gratitude to all who have shaped our high school experience. To every dedicated teacher, supportive classmate, and encouraging administrator: each of you has contributed to the growth and success of many students in the crowd. In particular, I want to extend my deepest appreciation to two teachers, Dr. Ismail and Mr. Escalona, whose kindness left a mark on my academic journey.

I also want to express gratitude to my mother, whose unwavering love and sacrifices have been the cornerstone of my journey, and to my grandmother, who would have been proud to witness this moment.

Lastly, to those who faced challenges, mentally or physically, your presence here today speaks volume. Take pride in your accomplishment and celebrate reaching this milestone.

Just as North Brunswick High School has established its prominence over the past fifty years, each of us will continue to shape our legacies in the years ahead. Let us strive to leave our mark on the world, creating a legacy that extends beyond our time here. 

Thank you, and congratulations to the Class of 2024. Our journey is just beginning, and the best is yet to come.


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