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Graduation Speech: Ryan Kappes

Welcome everyone to the Class of 2020 Graduation! Our class has spent the last four years of high school together as a family, whether any of us realized that or not. Our actual families, who might have traveled miles to be here, should be very proud of us. For our class, it does not matter if you are Valedictorian, a Division-1 athletic standout, a shy kid, or the person everyone knew, we all have spent four years in North Brunswick Township High School. We have all roamed the English hallway or Language hallway or stood in the same gymnasium as each other without realizing it. We all may be different, but we all lived under the same roof for the past four years, roaming the same halls, breathing the same air, taking the same courses.

Throughout the past four years, our class has been through a lot. Throughout our time at this school we survived having no WiFi, multiple serious evacuations, mold, and even a deadly viral pandemic. Each situation we dealt with as if there was no way something worse could happen, but each time we were wrong. Each time it felt as if we would come out stronger than the last. We are one of the strongest graduating classes to come out of this school. Our class has Division 1 and Division 3 athletes. We have students going to some of the top schools in the world to continue their education. There are students who will go Community College and some who will go to Rutgers. But we all have one thing in common: being a part of one of the greatest graduating classes this school has ever seen, and we will go down in this school’s history as the greatest graduating class to attend North Brunswick Township High School.

Now that I have almost reached the end of my speech, I can gladly say that we have finally made it. We have finally made it through four years of what we initially thought were four awful years of more school. But I believe that we have learned more in these past four years than we had throughout all of Elementary School and Middle School. I hope that we all keep learning throughout whatever our futures hold. Thank you!


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