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Graduation Speech: Michael Wong

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

photo courtesy of Brodie Thompson

To the students who've finally made it here, the parents who've supported us along the way, and the teachers who have guided us, but mainly to everyone sitting in front of me right now, thank you for the past four years.

The first time I entered NBTHS as a student was during the freshman orientation. Just like everyone else, I literally thought to myself, “How am I gonna get through this”? Our guides at orientation as well as the other seniors in the school promised us how easy it would be to navigate through the high school by the time we were their age. Clearly they were wrong. Fast forward of our senior year and I still see some of us aimlessly wandering the triangle in search for our classrooms. Despite our apparent lack of growth in this regard, our past four years at NBTHS have been interesting to say the least. We've made friends, won tournaments, and watched our school be overtaken by mold. However, whether you enjoyed your time here or hated it, our time at this school is at its end. Today is an important day because while, yes, we get our diplomas and get to celebrate our high school career as an accomplishment, this is also the last time that we get to be together as the Class of 2019. Most of us have been together since the beginning of high school, some since middle school, and even a few since elementary school. For the longest time, we've walked through these hallways together, ate in the same cafeterias, headed off on field trips together, and helped each other get through the past couple years of our education. Yet here we are, all these years later, ready to leave it all behind. Furthermore, today is an important day for our parents and teachers too. Some of whom saw us the entire way through, and some who started these same four years with us. They watch as we head off beyond their homes and classrooms, NBTHS, and our 17 or 18 year old lives.

When people look back on their past, they tend to only remember the good parts. Ultimately, these memories that we take with us will be the ones we want to remember such as the times spent with our friends, blowing off classwork, trips to other states, or even this day, as long and egregious of a ceremony it may seem to be for some of us. These will be one of the few things that we’ll take with us when looking back on these four years. So thank you, to the parents, the teachers and administration, and to all of you for everything that made this time in high school special. Today is the day we can finally celebrate.


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