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Graduation Speech: Melany Keller

The Class of 2024 began their freshman year with a bang, sitting on their sofas, maybe even their bathroom floors for their first days as a high school student. I sat at home with the anxiety of getting back to normal life, but couldn't wait for the day I could finally take too much time to get ready in the morning, make plenty of noise, and run out of the house late. Throughout our time at NBTHS, I believe we've accomplished beyond what the freshmen sitting on the bathroom floor were thinking. We have contributed to the resilience of our school, which survived the kids sleeping on top of their computers, and encouraged them to put together an event for all the school to see; one they're proud of. 

My contributions to NBTHS are simply appreciating the meaningful moments as well as laughing. Think of the meaningful moments hidden among a field of tiny flowers. Flowers of abundant color. Flowers have thorns that make you flinch and look back at the beauty of the flower. Life is not serious. It’s silly to think that sometimes you have to get hurt or make a mistake to appreciate life. Don’t take that and think tomfoolery is the direction we all need, but rather know it’s okay to laugh or make a mistake. A musician has to play in the wrong key or out of tune once in their musical career to eventually understand not to do it again and avoid getting a glare from a conductor. I thank the music group in my life that has made high school a symphony of laughs. I have often spent more time at the high school than my home, which makes NBTHS my second home. I can almost admit I've done so much to the point where I can't understand how. 

But I've managed to go along with the beat of my drum with ambition; especially in the moments I don't know what I'm doing. I figure it out because I'll never know unless I go for it. I never want to say I regret anything. Today, I will become one of the few high school graduates as a first-generation Dominican- American in my family and that alone makes me proud and happy beyond words. I know I cannot only handle situations with maturity, but also with goofiness. The best thing to contribute to someone's life is something that will always make them smile just as my friends running from their senior assassins target or even just being delusional. I know that I won't leave NBTHS with many regrets because the little girl inside of me is beaming with happiness and I hope all of you and your inner children are too. 


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