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Graduation Speech: Mahek Patel

Photo Courtesy of Mahek Patel

Good evening, family, friends, teachers, administrators, and of course the class of 2021! Before I begin, I would like to give my utmost gratitude to all the people who supported me throughout my endeavors; my family and friends for their unconditional support throughout my high school career. I’d also like to thank Mr. Kopik, for keeping it “real” by being upfront with me and Mrs. Tapia for dealing with my overly enthusiastic personality at the end of the day. Lastly, I would like to thank God and my Gurus Pramukh Swami Maharaj and Mahant Swami Maharaj for their spiritual guidance throughout my life.

Our four years of high school were quite easy and simple, as everything went according to plan *points to cap.* As many of you may have noticed, that my friends, is a cap. So now, let's take a little trip down memory lane to where our struggles began: Freshman Cypher 2017. We adjusted to the labyrinth that we call the upstairs hall and continued to sophomore year. We finally understood the confusing four-day schedule and began to learn how to drive, minus the mold infestation, and numerous gas leaks; the typical high school experience.

Junior year, we began the dreaded studying for the SATS/ACT while doing our college search, and then alas it was inevitable *snap* COVID-19. As if something was missing from the list of things that could go wrong. A simple week off from school turned into months.The pandemic scared us all to staying indoors as we passed time scrolling on TikTok for hours learning the dice roll. And finally, our senior year, an unexpected school year with Google Classroom Meets, online exams, and senioritis.

As we all sit here about to take this momentous step into the real world, with all our hard work, pride, patience, and determination, we survived not just school during the pandemic, but everything that these four years threw at us. After all, "we are North Brunswick." And yes, we will experience failure as a part of life: it's inevitable. As Drake once said, “it’s God’s plan.” Our time here as a class will not be defined by popularity, grades, or the number of likes on our most recent post but will rather be defined based on how we treated one another. As Pramukh Swami once said, “in the joy of others lies our own, In the progress of others rests our own, In the good of others abides our own.” It has been a pleasure to have spent these four years with you all. I wholeheartedly, wish each and every one of you sitting in front of me the best for wherever life may take you. Congratulations Class of 2021, we’ll see what is going to happen next.


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