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Graduation Speech: Kayla Keefe

Good afternoon everyone, thank you for joining the graduating class of 2023! Thank you to our inspiring teachers, staff, administration, Board of Education and Mayor for coming to show your support. Thank you friends and family who helped all of us graduates get here today.

It’s so surreal to see everyone here graduating. It's different than seeing everyone sitting in the auditorium watching the Alchemists, in the gym competing to win the Spirit Cup, or in the stands of the stadium cheering on the football team. The amount of pictures taken today will rival those taken at Homecoming and Prom. Our families will gather around to celebrate, and our friends will make posts with cheesy captions about finishing high school that will make you nostalgic. In just a few minutes we will be graduating.

We have overcome so much as a class. Our freshman and sophomore years were taken over by COVID, not to mention mold, mercury and the relentless leaking English hallway. Whether we meant to or not, we have bonded as a class. Personally, I can say I am

immensely proud of every single person here. I can’t wait to see where everyone goes off to and I wish everyone the greatest success. Whether it’s college, trade school, job hunting, or taking some time off, as long as you find what brings you joy, you will be successful. No matter where you go. I sincerely hope you all find happiness.

Everyone here today is here for us, the graduating Class of 2023. We have so many opportunities ahead of us, and we will be ready for them. With the support of our parents and teachers and friends we have gotten through the hardest of times, and we will continue to prevail. Graduating brings out the opportunity for personal growth. We can leave behind our issues to celebrate together. You should all feel accomplished; while everyone here is so proud of us I hope you all are proud of yourselves.

I would like to take a couple of moments to thank our teachers and counselors. I am incredibly thankful that my counselor was available whenever I was having a bad day. I know all of our counselors worked to attempt to create the perfect schedule for students as well as provide support for the stress those schedules may have brought on. Furthermore, I would like to thank all of the teachers that have influenced the life of so many students. From allowing someone an extra day on an assignment, to entertaining various types of discussions, and allowing every student the chance to feel welcome. Every single educator has helped us get here today, and I am so thankful for all of their help.

Think back to when you got lost in the triangle, especially on the first day of school at NBTHS. It was nerve-racking and overwhelming, but it was also new and exciting. That is what this next step will be like; just like the triangle, we will find our way through it. After conquering so many bad days I will look back on my time at NBTHS with fondness, remembering the great times, and people this school introduced. I hope you can all do the same. Congratulations, Class of 2023!


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