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Graduation Speech: Ayat Mughal

Good morning parents, teachers, and my fellow graduates. It is an honor to welcome you all to the graduation of North Brunswick Township High School, year of 2023. My sincere congratulations to all of the graduates on their success. And you, dear Graduates, you accomplished a great deal.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” This is a famous quote by Confucius to motivate copious students with the desire to accomplish the best for their lives. No doubt, fellow peers, our future is bright, we have gone through a hard time, nonetheless, the marvelous time of our lives. Now, it's time to open up ourselves for a beautiful future.

As we stand here today, let’s take a moment to reflect on the beautiful memories of the past and hopes for the future. In these four years of high school, we have made friends, discovered new passions, and learned valuable lessons that will stay with us forever. Like you guys, I have beautiful recollections from my high school years spent with my pals. Yes, I had some jolly friends in my high school years who have made my life happier. And there is no denying that I have done more to make them happy than they have done to me.

Every graduate can remember having a good time with their friends in the hallways of our high school, laughing, singing, attending parties, and participating in significant school events. I can't believe those jovial times are now in the past.

Not only were our wonderful memories unforgettable, but also the continuous effort we

put in. I believe, our final year was pleasant, but the early three years of high school were exceptionally challenging and rigid. As young peers, we were preparing for the future. Tell me, how many of you had trouble in one or more subjects in your high school years?

Yup, we all battled, but because of our wonderful instructors and administrators, we all triumphed. They have engaged us socially and academically. And now, look at us! We are demonstrating our accomplishments to the world while standing here, feeling proud of ourselves and our teachers. Without a doubt, we will accomplish more.

I, therefore, hope that my speech inspired and touched the emotions of many of my classmates who are present in front of me. And I sincerely hope I did not bore anyone here. So, as we mark this important milestone, fellow graduates, let's look forward to it with hope and excitement. Let's use the knowledge we have gained to change things for the better. And let's not ignore those who have contributed to our actual status.

Finally, congratulations to the class of 2023, and please, applaud our success. Thank you.


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