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Andrew Ankamah: Class President

By JARRON DOUGLAS, Contributing Writer

June 13, 2019

photo courtesy of Brodie Thompson

Andrew Ankamah is the Class of 2019’s president and has shown his leadership skills throughout his years here at NBTHS by setting himself up to be a great role model. Andrew is a peoples person and his energy is great to have in this school. When asked what drove him to want to run for Class President he told us “I decided to run in 8th grade, wanted to find a way to get involved in high school activities before actually getting to the school”. Andrew was trying to leave a mark on this school before he even got here and by him standing in the position he is today, we can all agree he did and he’s gonna leave an even bigger mark for those who come after him to fulfill.

This upcoming fall Andrew will be attending TCNJ to major in Political Science and hopes to attend law school and become an attorney. Then later after he sees himself living happy with a law degree and starting a family. He strives to be successful and to help those around him. Now a man of this stature has to have obtained some sort of information that helped them get to this point and he did. “Biggest thing was learning that you can't please everyone; used t try to make everyone happy, now you know that someone's always gonna have something to say”. He’s lived his NBTHS life to the fullest and without a doubt, TCNJ will be receiving a bright young man with an even brighter future.

photo courtesy of Brodie Thompson


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