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Graduation Speech: Ryan Van Dyk

For fifty years, North Brunswick Township High School has provided opportunity, education, and a chance for students like myself to grow and learn. Like many of my peers, I didn’t enjoy every moment of this long and hard journey. I lost multiple friend groups, went through the ups and downs in life, and dealt with mental health issues for years. Additionally, there were seemingly restless nights doing homework and ruthless studying to get myself ahead. Although the sometimes stressful work load presented to me was overwhelming, it taught me to cope, to work hard, set goals, continue growing, and most importantly, to keep learning.

They say that as the years of high school go by, your circle gets smaller and smaller. This couldn’t be more true, and whether by choice or not, it always ends up working out the way it should. It helps us develop into the adults we are meant to be. At this age we’re separating ourselves from our peers, feeling ever more lonely with the idea that we will fail to see each other after all this. It’s sad, but I think that if anything, that’s the beauty of it. We are all growing individuals, who have failed, lost, and made mistakes, but we have grown, and will continue down that path to where we can find ourselves. Although it's sad to say goodbye to the friends we call family, be thankful that they have the opportunity to see our full range of life and have the chance to grow, the chance to become great leaders, teachers, business owners etc. This district, although sometimes flawed, has consistently pushed me to be the stronger person I am today. Thank you, North Brunswick, for pushing me and the Class of 2024 into a strong and mature class of individuals. 


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