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Student Spotlight: Mahad Elamin

Updated: Apr 29, 2021



Photo Courtesy of MAHAD ELAMIN

Mahad Elamin enjoys dance as an “outlet for emotions” when he doesn’t exactly know how to express himself. He has been dancing for approximately five years and informs that he has always had a passion for dance, even if it wasn’t serious. Within the school, he has found dance opportunities within the Alchemist Theatre Company and MediterAsian club. He explains that in MediterAsian “there are different genres of dance and then there are skits. We send in videos of us dancing and learn new dances.” His passion for dance really stems from the joy and elation he feels when he dances and describes himself as “always ready to dance” when a song comes on. He particularly enjoys Alchemists because he “has always liked performing arts” and when he was younger really enjoyed school plays. He recounts, “I would always go out for roles, and just audition for them which is really fun.” He also really enjoys listening to music because “most times it tells people a lot of things that can help them cope and tell a story.” In the future, Elamin hopes to go to a performing arts school and pursue his passion.

Elamin is extremely active on social media, especially advocating for groups of people. He describes it as, “I’ve given resources to people and just shared information with people who may have been confused. I talk to people and share experiences with them and just share support.” His involvement really came about because during the pandemic, he really wanted to reach people and get the word out. He feels like so many people use social media nowadays, there is a larger audience for him to reach out to. Since social media takes up so much time on people's day, this is how Elamin positively takes advantage of it. He goes on to say, “Just seeing changes in society, slowly but surely and using my platform for good is what keeps me going.” On social media, he explains that he mostly follows “music artists and activists,” but posts stories about social justice, and keeping his followers updated with the world and how they can help. He enjoys connecting with people online and making anyone’s day better. He hopes that with the use of social media, “we can reach people and use our word to touch people and create actual change.”

When he learned that he was recommended to be featured on The Banner, Elamin felt “honored to know that people see what [he] is doing.” He says, “With being a minority, I think it is important we talk about social injustice, share experiences, and inspire others.”


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