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Spotlight: Komal Vaid, Leader and Friend to All

Updated: 5 days ago

JOEL MATHEW, Contributing Writer

Komal Vaid (Senior), one of NBTHS’ most exemplary students, is considered a friend to many and a leader for all to look up to. She is a passionate and determined part of the North Brunswick community, helping out in and out of school where she can. One of her biggest accomplishments to date is becoming the President of the South Asian Cultural Association (Innovasian) this year. She was a dancer and dance choreographer/coordinator in previous years, and now she has joined the executive board of the club and taken the place of the President.

She is still involved in every aspect of the club, even in dance, showcasing her passion for music and dance which she has had since she was a young child. Vaid has worked diligently with other organizations and clubs to provide the best experiences for the SACA and is considered a true leader when it comes to her organization and leadership skills. As the year progresses, she, along with the board, is working as hard as she can to have the club run smoothly and prepare for the show SACA is putting on at the end of the year, Innovasian.

Although her schedule may be one of the busiest, she still puts in the effort to teach what they are trying to spread with SACA and to show people how to have a good time spending time with friends and learning about South Asian culture. Her friend and fellow board member, Sanjana Kaloth (Senior and Vice President of SACA) states, “Komal is like the color yellow; she’s warm and bright and her kindness shines through in everything she does.” Vaid is an example of what an NBTHS student should represent in terms of spirit and determination as well as a leader in terms of organization and overall social skills. But apart from all the hard work and dedication to the task at hand, Vaid also reminds others, “Live in the moment and have fun.”


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