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North Brunswick just short of State Championship

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

By JARRON DOUGLAS, Contributing Writer

November 27, 2018

Last week the North Brunswick Raiders went on to play the Sayreville bombers in the group 5 central north state championship. This game was scheduled for Friday the 16th but was rescheduled to Saturday the 17th and 1:00pm. The first half the defenses were shutting each other out and stops were being made all game. But late in the second quarter Sayreville scored on a read option on the goal line. The Raiders struggled to get the offense going and ended up punting the ball numerous times. Angel Gonzalez, Captain of the North Brunswick Raiders said “It was a tough loss. We worked so hard to be here and this wasn’t the outcome we had planned. But I know the guys coming in after me would get the job done next year and bring this town what it deserves.” The team is heart broken after the loss but they know that under Coach Cipot, coming back to this game would not be an issue. The teams begins to prepare for the off season and plan on having another historic season like we had this year. With most of the team being Juniors, don't be surprised if you catch a glance of the old raider team. Key pieces are coming back like both Junior running backs, four out of the five offensive linemen and 2 out of the three defensive linemen. Two out of the five linebackers are staying for one more year and the secondary looks to be pretty solid for the future. This teams run isn't done yet and they all have the mindset to win win win.


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