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Gillian Miller: Senior Speaker

photo courtesy of Brodie Thompson

Why would you submit a speech to be spoken at graduation in front of the people you’ve seen regularly for thirteen years? “It’d be cool” is an answer brimming with confidence, for that to be a reason to put yourself out in front of your peers shows just how much confidence one has. Gillian Miller is the 2019 graduating class’ senior speaker. She “can speak” and she thought, ‘Why not speak for the people who can’t?’. Miller has been through everything these past four years: she’s lost friends, been through surgery, and has struggled through it all to get to where she is, standing on the brink of her life’s next chapter.

After high school, Miller plans to go to Ramapo College of New Jersey for their five year masters program and hopes to obtain a masters in education. With her secondary education, she wants to go on to attain a teaching job and work her way up to being a principal of a school, not being picky of what type of school it is. Wanting to guide children on to do what they can do best and what is best for them is what she wants most out of her job.

In an attempt to guide her underclassmen now, Miller would like to say this: “Just get a group of friends to go through high school with”. In her high school life she has grown from her experiences, and she hopes others don’t have to go through “all the nonsense drama I had to”. Miller claims to attribute most of her achievements during high school to her own mom, who is always on top of her and made sure she got her work done.


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